Adults Grading Criteria

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a notoriously challenging grading process and though it can vary from club to club, within credible gyms, it will always push the individual far beyond their comfort zone and what they think they are capable of.

In an effort to help our team members and prospective members better understand what is required, we thought it would be beneficial to document it.

The criteria is split in to 3 main sections. Gym Etiquette, Training and Technical/Conceptual Understanding. Please note stripes are excluded from this.

In Forge Grappling, stripes are only given at white belt and a maximum of 4 are earned before being promoted to Blue Belt.

There should never be a cost for grading in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is an honour for a gym to promote a student and not something that involves a financial transaction. The cost is effort and time.


Be respectful during class to all coaches and fellow students

Help fellow students where possible

Observe the Club Rules

Be punctual

Support the academy where possible


Gi training is essential to receive a BJJ belt promotion

Competition exposure at each belt level is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED where possible

For a BJJ Purple Belt, regular Judo and Wrestling attendance is recommended

For a BJJ Brown Belt, regular Judo attendance is essential and Wrestling is recommended


Blue Belt Concepts and Positions

Knowing what neutralising is but inconsistent application

Knowing what tempo is but inconsistent application

Knowing how to sweep but inconsistent application

Knowing how to pass but inconsistent application

Sees step by step

No techniques

Purple Belt Concepts and Positions

Applying neutralization to game

Applying tempo to game

Knowing how to acquire and use grips in current position for next position but inconsistent application (sweeping, passing, submission)

Sees sequences

Concept foundation Techniques structure

Brown Belt Concepts and Positions

Applying efficient grips usage and transitions

Applying smooth transitions of concepts and techniques within game but inconsistent application outside of game

Sees paths

Uses grips from prior position in new position efficiently.

Concept foundation technique structure

Black Belt Concepts and Examples

Applying all concepts and techniques within game and outside of game

Sees everything and understands problem solving in depth from conceptual point of view with strong vocabulary of techniques for positions.

Strong source.

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