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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art designed to give smaller opponents a level playing field. BJJ was catapulted in to the Martial Arts spotlight when a little known Brazilian, Royce Gracie, won the inaugural UFC.

From then, the sport has grown from strength to strength and is a staple of mixed martial arts.

The classes that we offer are perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. A Gi is required for these sessions however not compulsory at the beginning.


As the name implies, NOGI is Jiu Jitsu minus the Gi. It has been long thought that the two are one in the same and that the vast majority of techniques translate well across both. Submission Grappling is another term commonly used.

In recent years this is becoming less accurate with the development of NOGI specific styles used within NOGI specific rulesets, for example Heelhooks in the ADCC ruleset.

Because of this fast developing niche within grappling, adequate mat time needs to be given to this area.

At Forge we aim to teach both in a 50-50 ratio. You will become as proficient in NOGI as you would be in the Gi should you train with us.


Competing or training in MMA requires you to learn a range of martial arts and the skills within them. Some of the main components are Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo and as you would expect, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What these all have in common is that they are all Combat Sports. You can test your level against a resisting opponent in training and in competition and gauge the efficacy of them.

As such, Combat Sports are Darwinian. What works stays and what does not quickly stops as the consequences will lead to loss of position, being caught with strikes or submission.

MMA is the perfect testing ground and ensures you have a sound understanding of position, takedowns and grappling when strikes are included. Traditional Martial Arts that do not emphasise pressure testing scenarios such as sparring, are quickly left redundant in favour of combat sports.

The MMA sessions will be coached by Troy Gibson, a local Amateur Welterweight with an impressive record.

Troy has been a regular on our mats for over a year and has an excellent relationship with the team.

Muay Thai

One of the most widely respected striking arts, Muay Thai originated from Thailand and is steeped in centuries of history.

It is a form of striking that includes kicking, knees, punching and elbows with devastating effect as well as clinching. The relationship between Grappling and Thai Boxing is closer than some realise and is an excellent addition for somone wanting to become a well rounded martial artist, aspiring MMA practitioner or looking to develop their self defence.

Forge has partnered up with Nak Tae, a Belfast based Muay Thai with a great pedigree.


Whilst Boxing needs little introduction, it may not be appreciated how technical it is and how rewarding the training is.

A staple of MMA and probably the best way for you to develop footwork and head movement for, a stand alone boxing class was a must.

Classes are being conducted by Andrew Burrows, a well known boxing coach in the Belfast area.


Far more mainstream and practiced around the world, Judo is an Olympic sport as well as a Martial Art. Judo is Jiu Jitsu’s cousin, both the offspring of Japenese Ju Jitsu.

Judo primarily focuses on throwing your opponent to the floor and possibly winning the match or continuing on to the ground searching for submissions or pins.

Anybody who has taken part in Judo in the Belfast area, may well be familiar with Scott Mayne (pictured) and his club, Simply Judo. Scott is an extremely high level competitor and equally as proficient at coaching. The Forge Grappling team have seen a vast improvement in their ability to dictate where matches go as a result of Scott’s involvement. Scott also holds the rank of Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We are also able to grade in Judo and be students of Simply Judo whilst training at Forge.

Whether you are looking to take up Judo or improve your takedowns for grappling or MMA, these classes are a must.


One of the oldest sports in existence and one of the earliest forms of combat sport. Depictions of wrestling can be found as far back as Ancient Eqypt and Greece.

Wrestling is still an Olympic sport and is often cited as being one of the hardest sports to compete in with its gruelling training and the mental toughness that it requires.

Wrestling is perfect to bridge the gap between the start of a grappling bout, where we are stood, to getting it to the ground. Especially in a NOGI event.

In addition to this, Wrestling is widely considered the most important or most transferable facet of MMA. If you can dictate where a fight goes, you can ultimately win it.

Combine this with our Judo sessions and you will be a formidable opponent for anyone.

The wrestling classes will be conducted by Stuart Baker. A well respected Wrestling coach in NI and head coach of Barbarians Wrestling as well a coach of the national squad.

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